Employment Law Alliance, Annual Conference

“Asia Pacific Regional Forum”, Speaker

October 17th, 2017 – Shanghai, PRC

At this conference, John Wilson was a member of a panel of speakers which discussed the following 5 specific questions. Mr. Wilson dealt with the issues from the perspective of Sri Lankan law –

          1. Is there a requirement for a written employment contract in your country?

          2. Is there a requirement for social insurances in your country?  Briefly describe the key social security payments in your country.

          3. Enforceability of Non-Compete Clauses in your jurisdiction. What is the position in regard to confidentiality and non-solicitation?

          4. Redundancy Issues – Are redundancies regulated by local law and what are the key things to look out for while dealing with redundancies.

          5. At-will employment – Does your jurisdiction permit hire and fire based on contract?

The panel was comprised of lawyers from prominent law firms from Hong Kong, Malaysia, New Zealand, the Philippines and moderated by an employment lawyer from an Indian law firm.