Message to Readers from the Chair of the Publications Committee of the IPBA Journal

The theme that I have chosen for this issue of the Journal is Employment Law and Cross-Border Employment Law issues.

In addition to the articles contributed by our members, we are privileged to be able to publish in this issue of the Journal transcripts of the remarks made by two Judges, Mr. Duco Oranje and Ms. Heike Hummelmeier, during the course of the IPBA’s program on ‘International Commercial Courts’, which was held in Brussels in November last year. A description of that event can be found on pages 12 and 13 with some photographs. I am also very pleased that we are publishing the transcript of the speech of the Minister of Justice of Belgium who addressed that event. My thanks to Jan Peeters, Sebastian Kühl and Bart Kasteleijn for their assistance in helping to have these transcripts published.

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