Winner of the 2019 Trademark Firm of the Year Award

We are very proud to announce that John Wilson Partners received the 2019 Trademark Firm of the Year Award at the Asia IP Awards Ceremony in Malaysia. As we have been awarded the Patent Firm of the Year award for the past two years, the Trademark award was a welcome addition. The Asia IP Awards are awarded to top Patent and Trademark firms in the Asia-Pacific region each year.

This prestigious Awards Ceremony took place on the 8 November 2019 in Taipei which John Wilson, our Managing Partner attended. Due to work commitments, the Head of our IP Department at John Wilson Partners, Sameendra Perera, Attorney-at-Law and Benazir Hassan, Senior Associate were unable to attend the ceremony.

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John Wilson Partners Celebrating our 100th Anniversary in 2020

Wishes all of our clients a very Prosperous 2020!