COVID-19 – Government updates

“Owing to the highest efficiency in the implementation of any emergency response plan by the military and the police, the government of Sri Lanka has succeeded in countering three major clusters of COVID-19 outbreaks (commonly called waves by the general public) since the WHO declared a global pandemic since 11 March 2020”.

The press release also informs the public that as Sri Lanka is facing a fourth outbreak of Covid-19, which appears to be more aggressive in nature, the tri-forces & Sri Lanka Police along with the health sector have implemented various pandemic response strategies to provide social protection and expand social assistance to those in need in Sri Lanka.

Read more here : statement from the Ministry of Defence

An update from the Department of Immigration and Emigration states that:

The validity period of all types of Visas issued to all foreigners currently in Sri Lanka extended for a period of 60 days to 05th December. Details of procedure via the linked Media Release. Read more here : 60 day visa extension for all foreigners currently in Sri Lanka

An update from the Inland Revenue Department states that: An income tax exemption has been proposed and granted subject to the formal amendment being made to the Inland Revenue Act No. 24 of 2017 on interest accruing or derived by any person who has opened term deposit accounts titled as Special Deposit Account during the period from April 8, 2020 to October 7, 2020. Read more