Working at all levels of the construction industry, on behalf of employers, contractors and subcontractors, we understand the challenges and risks facing clients in the infrastructure sector in Sri Lanka.

The successful completion of any construction project depends on the quality of theproject documents and ensuring that the project is delivered to the required standard, within the parameters of the budget and schedule timelines.

We assist clients in analyzing the risk profile of their projects and selecting the best type of delivery method for the project and with negotiating the contracts.

It is not unusual for such projects to experience disputes over delays, additional costs, liquidated damages, variations, defects, testing/commissioning, takeover certificates, professional negligence, design issues, insurance considerations and termination. Our lawyers have expertise dealing with the entire life cycle of disputes at both domestic and international level and can provide strategic advice, draft letters and contractual notices to mitigate risks before they turn into serious problems. In the event that that these disputes do escalate, we can also assist at the stages of construction litigation and arbitration.

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