Entry of non-Sri Lankan Citizens to Sri Lanka is controlled by Section III of the Immigrants and Emigrants Act No. 20 of 1948. Under this Act issuing and extending of a visa for foreigners who arrive in Sri Lanka are carried out in accordance with the Immigrants and Emigrants Regulations No. 2 of 35 of 1956 in order to ensurenational security of the country.

John Wilson partners can assist you in obtaining Residence Visas. Residence Visas are issued to non-Sri Lankans who intend to reside in Sri Lanka for a long period and fall under the categories specified below:

01. Employment

  1. Persons employed in projects under the BOI
  2. Persons employed in the overseas banking sector
  3. Persons attached to non-governmental organizations
  4. Persons employed in institutions that fall under the category“Foreign Missions in Sri Lanka”
  5. Persons employed in a private company or projects implemented by state sector

02. Investor

  1. Those who desire to invest monetary capital in Sri Lanka
  2. Those who engage in business activities in Sri Lanka

03. Religious

  1. Members of the Clergy
  2. Religious workers

04. Student

  1. University Students
  2. Students in government approved educational institutions

05. Registered Indians covered by the Indo- Lanka Pact1964

06. Ex–Sri Lankans and their dependents

07. Family Members of Sri Lankan citizens

  1. Spouses
  2. Children holding foreign nationality

08. Persons employed in Foreign Missions in Sri Lanka and their dependents

09. My Dream Home Visa Program

10. Residence Guest Visa Program

11. Those who are staying in Sri Lanka on medical grounds

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