Labor Law Commission session, AIJA/ABA(SIL) Joint Seminar

“Discrimination in the Workplace for LGBTs” – Speaker

April 10th, 2015 – Brighton, England

Mr. Wilson was a speaker at the Employment Law session of the above mentioned conference titled “the HNW Same Sex Family – going global” and spoke on the topic of “Discrimination in the Workplace for LGBTs”.

The session was in the format of a hypothetical scenario where panelists were requested to address the issue and factual scenariofrom the perspective of their respective jurisdictions. The hypothetical factual scenario was where a gay associate (who had reached the glass ceiling) of a law firm was told by one of this partners that they do not have gay partners.

Mr. Wilson’s presentation addressed the absence of laws protecting the rights of the LGBT community in Sri Lanka and in particular the absence of specific labor laws that prevent discrimination against LGBTs at the workplace.

His presentation also gave examples of the discrimination that was taking place at the workplace in Sri Lanka and what steps the Government was taking to protect the rights of the LGBT community.

Mr. Wilson was joined in his panel by speakers from leading law firms from England, the U.S.A., the Netherlands, Belgium and Spain.