John Wilson attended INTA’s 141st Annual Meeting

18th To 22nd May 2019 In Boston, Massachusetts

John Wilson will be attending the INTA Annual Meeting in Boston, Massachusetts.

More than 11,000 brand owners and IP professionals from 150 countries attended the 2019 INTA Annual Meeting.

This is the largest and most influential gathering of brand owners and intellectual property (IP) professionals from around the world and from across industries.

John had the opportunity to meet up with some of our loyal client and Associates from around the globe.

He attended a presentation on ‘A Psychological Thriller – Mediation in Action’. This session looked at various aspects of mediation such as the goals and motivations of the parties involved in mediation, how the experience and objectives of the parties impart mediation and how understanding the psychology of all the parties involved in mediation can help to develop a mediation strategy to better advice clients.

He also attended a session on Global Data Protection – Beyond GDPR: Developments and Best Practices for Trademark Practitioners. The session covered topics such as primer on privacy law regimes in Canada and the US, new and developing laws in Brazil, India and Japan, global privacy law impacts on trademark rights enforcement and best practices for counseling marketing departments and business partners.

Last be not least he attended a session on Mastering the Protection of GUI (Graphical user interfaces), which allow users of electronic devices to interact with a specific device using pictures rather than having to give the device commands. The session was designed to provide tips and guidance for obtaining protection for GUIs around the world using patents, designs, trademarks and copyrights.

Overall it has been a successful INTA!